A person with programming, engineering, or other technical skills who builds an online business around a product created with those skills.
Example Citation:
In his black jeans and Joe 90 specs, Salem is one of a new breed of entrepreneurs who are finding that in the alternative reality called cyberspace, anything is possible. At first blush these virtual prospectors — the "entreprenerds", as they are occasionally described — seem a very different species to the generation of sharp-suited opportunists who rode the dizzy boom of the Thatcher years.
— David Teather and John Cassy, "The cyber slickers," The Guardian, October 4, 1999
Earliest Citation:
Are you a groupie at heart? Do you stop to read "Dewar's Profiles" when you flip through magazines? Are you intrigued by the lives of the "superstars" of computerdom?
If your answer to these questions is yes, you'll probably love The Computer Entrepreneurs, profiles of those who are "making it big in America's upstart industry." ...
The authors make it clear in their introduction that the book will not be a chore to slog through: Of the seven categories into which they place their subjects, one is labeled "Entreprenerds." Generally, the tone of the book lives up to the promise of this early pun.
— John Barry, "Profiles in computing," InfoWorld, December 17, 1984
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